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Stu’s Story


How Stu found out about Indow

Stu was in a customer’s house, talking about outside storm windows and storm doors. He noticed that a customer had glass inside storm windows. However, she was complaining about how heavy they were, and Stu didn’t like the tracking system and the holes they had to put in the jambs to just keep the piece of glass in place. He thought to himself, there’s got to be a better solution. So he went home, got on the internet, and came across Indow. The rest is history.

Stu himself lives in a historic home. Built in 1837, the home has been in the family for 7 generations.

Family home, originally built in 1837, in which Stu and his wife still live.

His home has single pane historic windows, and even with storm windows on the outside (which had been installed by his grandparents), the windows were leaky. After seeing again and again how well the inserts worked in other people’s home, Stu became convinced that the inserts were also the solution to his own problem. He finally bought Indow window inserts for his own home, and now he and his wife are are enjoying the comfort and energy savings that the window inserts provide year-round.

P.S. They also love that they can now sleep through the noise of snow plows in winter — and lawnmowers and garbage trucks in summer!